Technical Scientific Advisory Board

The individual Sections of the vfdb present their activities in this column, documents and draft directives are available for discussion, and we provide contacts to address.


Hofmann-Böllinghaus, Anja Dr.-Ing.
BAM Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung
Unter den Eichen 87
12205 Berlin


Ansgar Stening
BF Gelsenkirchen
Am Vechteufer 22, 48629 Metelen
Fon: D.St. 0209/1704250

Managing Director of Technical Scientific Advisory Board

Dr.-Ing. Neske, Michael
Institut für Brand- und Katastrophenschutz
Abteilung Forschung - Insitut der Feuerwehr -
Biederitzer Straße 5
39175 Biederitz, OT Heyrothsberge




Section 1[ VB ]preventive fire protection
Section 2[ BEU ]fire and explosion causes
Section 3[ FW ]fire brigades
Section 4[ IB ] fire engineering
Section 5[ BG ] fire fighting, risk intervention
Section 6[ FTH ] vehicles and technical assistance
Section 7[ IK ] information and communication technology
Section 8[ PSA ] personal protective gear
Section 9[ WBS ] industrial security and fire protection
Section 10[ US ] protection of the environment
Section 11[ BSG ] fire protection history
Section 12[ BEA ] life and fire safety education and training, public relation
Section 13[ FI ]research coordination and information
Section 14[BA]fire protection system