Section 10

Section 10 (US) - Environmental Protection

Head of Department:
Dr. Ingrid Mieling
Schulweg 19, 25451 Quickborn

Christian Schröder
Institut der Feuerwehr NRW
Wolbecker Str. 237, 48155 Münster
Fon D.St.: 0251/3112-403
Fax D.St.: 0251/3112-104

Task description of Section 10 "Environmental Protection"

The working group 10 "Environmental Protection" deals with environmental effects of fires as well as fire service incidents with hazardous materials and accidents which endanger the environment. The group has developed a number of guidelines which cover the following topics:

Assessment of concentrations of hazardous substances in fire service incidents
Fire service incidents with bio-hazards
Contaminants from fires
Decontamination in incidents involving hazardous materials and goods
Analysis of hazardous materials by fire services
How to deal with "cold" fire scenes: Template for a guidance paper from fire services for households which had a fire

The guidelines provide practical information and assessment criteria for fire service incidents. Members of the group have also been involved in the German fire service regulation FwDV 500 "Fire Service Incidents with Hazardous Materials and Goods". Furthermore, fact sheets and position papers on current hazardous materials and environmental topics are issued by the group.