Section 11

Section 11 (BSG) - The History of Fire Protection

Head of Department:
Dr. phil. Daniel Leupold
Berufsfeuerwehr Köln
Scheibenstr. 13, 50737 Köln
Fon D.St.: 0221/9748-2300
Fax D.St.: 0221/9748-2304

Hans- Peter Plattner
Ministerium des Innern und für Sport, Rheinland-Pfalz
Schillerplatz 3 - 5, 55116 Mainz
F.D.St.: 06131/16-3406
Fax: 06131/16-3447

Overview Aims & Tasks of Department 11

Department 11 has been into the history and development of fire prevention and protection in Germany and German speaking regions with respect to technical-, sociological, and administrative aspects since its establishment in 1978. Focus interest is naturally on fire brigades, their associations and organisations as well as on the manifold area of vehicle technology and equipment. Apart from these general popular topics, which have already been dealt with in numerous publications, the department works on less popular subjects, but which are of significant importance for a complete view on the history of fire protection.

Following this ambition, 21 reports from the series Deutsche Brandschutzgeschichte (The History of German Fire Protection) are at disposal now, but only those reports published in book form are available for the interested public. Since a few years now, the editors of Department 11 have been in the position to publish the reports, most often by themselves or occasionally with the help of book traders and often in small editions. The publications are announced in specialist magazines. The following reports have been published this way:

Report No. 19, 2002: Feuerwehr im Luftschutz 1926-1945 (~ Fire Brigades in Air Raids 1926-1945)
Report No. 20 in 2004: Wasser marsch in der DDR - Feuerwehr und Brandschutz in der Sowjetischen Besatzungszone und der DDR (~ Water March! in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) fire brigades and protection in the Soviet-occupied zone)
Report No. 21, 2005: Die Bahnfeuerwehr (~ The Railroad Fire Brigade)
To issue reliable criteria for chroniclers to research evaluation and formation dates of fire brigades (as needed e.g. for compiling the chronicle of their local fire brigade), a task group of the department elaborated and published the following data sheets:
11.01 Existenz- und Altersbestimmung einer Feuerwehr (~ Evaluation and Determination of Origins of a Fire Brigade) and 11.02 Existenz und Altersbestimmung einer Berufsfeuerwehr (~ Evaluation and Determination of Origins of a Professional Fire Brigade) Further data sheets will be published.

Since 2006, a task group has been editing short bios of remarkable fire fighting personalities active before 1945. Latest research results of Department 11 will be used as well. It is planned to have the short bios first published on the website of the GFPA.

In addition to research and publishing work done by and around Department 11, about 25 colleagues are busy with selecting, compiling and evaluating sources and literature and to build up a long-term exchange of expert information. Last but not least Department 11 actively supports the work group of German Fire Brigade Museums (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Feuerwehrmuseen @gfm) which is a subdivision of the department.