Section 12

Section 12 (BEA) - Fire Protection: Public Awareness, Education, Communications


Gerhold Brill
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Overview Objectives & Tasks of Department 12

Around 230.000 housing fires are reported in every year with about 600 fire deaths and 6,000 to 10,000 fire victims injured with endurable handicaps.

On one hand, housing fires are quite often caused by technical weak points as defect electric wiring, fuses or flaw electric devices. On the other hand, careless handling already carries an increased fire risk like a burning cigarette in bed, a disregarded candle, children playing with fire or careless actions in the kitchen. Especially in the darker seasons more fire accidents are reported, showing the lack of risk awareness and knowledge.

The Committee for Fire Risk Awareness and Education formed by the GFPA and the German Fire Brigades™ Association (Deutscher Feuerwehrverband, DFV) would like to give information on fire risks and fire protection in order to rescue life and save material. Because:˜Fire Protection is Life Protection™