Section 13

Section 13 (FI) - Research Management and Information

Head of Department:
Dr. Dirk Oberhagemann
Auf dem Büld 23, 59510 Lippetal
Fon: 02923/65191, 01577/1908346


Ansgar Stening
BF Gelsenkirchen
Neutor 13, 48629 Metelen
Fon: D.St. 0209/1704260

Aims and Tasks Department 13: Research Management and Information

One focus of the department consists of the research management. In addition the department can also be contacted for research cooperations in the field of safety and security.


The aim is:


- to collect and define the practical needs of end-users,

- participation and / or the monitoring of research projects,

- the placement of partners in project proposals and

- the design of topics, coupled with a search for partners.


In coordination with the Technical Scientific Advisory Board this should strengthen the role of the Association for the Advancement of the German Fire Protection as a coordinator of research and should give members the opportunity to participate in research projects at national and European levels.


Other tasks can be located within the field of information and communication:


- via the vfdb homepage (multilingual)

- as a contact for national and international inquiries

- through the newsletter

- as an information centre for exhibitions and fairs

- through the translation of fact sheets and guidelines