Section 14

kommissarischer Vorsitzender:
Herr Thomas Hegger 
Ernst-Hilker-Str. 2, 32758 Detmold
Fon D.St.: 05231/30 595-0 
Fax D.St.: 05231/30 959 29


Beschreibung des Aufgabengebietes des Referates 14 der vfdb

Tasks and Activities of Department 14 vfdb/GFPA Based on the significance and the successful performance of plant integrated fire protection, this department has the special task to increase the level of recognition of fire protective technical facilities by the public and fire brigades. This includes the arrangement of training courses, the provision of information and compilation of training material in cooperation with Department 12. This is first of all offered to fire brigade schools, volunteer and plant and company fire brigades. The elaboration of guidelines on performance and interaction of fire protective facilities is a major goal.

Innovative contribution should be made to the further development of fire protective facilities. In cooperation with Department 13 and under involvement of the research institutes, the further development of fire protective facilities should be encouraged and fire research series should be coordinated and developed with regard to fire protective facilities.

We do not plan to draft new guidelines for fire protective facilities but we intend to become involved in development and modification of existing guidelines, It is planned to have an exchange of experience with interested parties, especially with fire brigades. Input and suggestions especially, if of practical nature should be integrated in the work of the guideline and standardization committees.

In close cooperation with the Departments 1-Structural Fire Protection, Department 4 - Engineering Methods of Fire Protection, Department 5- Fire Fighting, Risk Protection should consider the results of the Department for their work.