Section 2

Section 2 (BEU)- Fire and Explosion Causes

Head of Department:

K. Steinbach
Dipl.-Chemiker, Brandoberrat i. R.
Im Heidefeld 21, 39175 Wahlitz
Fon: 039200/53373


U. Barth, Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Bergische Universität Wuppertal - Fachbereich D
Gaußstraße 20, 42119 Wuppertal
Fon D.St.: +49 (202) 439-2421, Fax +49 (202) 439-3922

The Department 2 of the vfdb and its area of responsibility:

The focus of the previous tasks were dominated by methodological as well as expert assessments in connection with fire and explosion incidents especially for courts, investigative authorities (public prosecutor’s office, police), insurance companies, laboratories, research facilities and commercial enterprises. The development of a methodological guideline to fire cause analysis is included in the department’s tasks as well. Moreover, the department’s work is characterized by an active participation in conferences and seminaries in order to deepen our and our colleagues’ knowledge and experience. According to that close contacts for the exchange of ideas as well as for practical cooperation are highly regarded, f.ex. to national and international research facilities such as the BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung- und prüfung), institutions of the industry and institutes for criminal technology of the Landeskriminalämter - LKÄ and last but not least the sub-committee “Explosion Investigation” of the European Network of Forensic Science Institues (ENFSI). Furthermore, the department is often required by the media to provide expert knowledge concerning specific issues.

Besides the treatment of basic issues the department assesses hazards in connection with risky behavior on the basis of fire kinetic features as well as safety-related parameters. In addition to that annual conferences, international fire protection seminaries and international /national congresses present relevant knowledge to the community.


Further information on the department: