Section 3

Section 3 (FW) - Fire Brigades

Head of Department:
Prof. R. Ries, Dipl.-Ing., Direktor der Branddirektion Frankfurt/M
Feuerwehrstr. 1, 60435 Frankfurt/M
Fon D.St.: 069/212-720010
Fax D.St.: 069/212-720019

Ernst-Peter Döbbeling, Dipl.-Ing., Branddirektor
CERN- Conseil Européen de la Recherche Nucléaire
Service Secours et Feu
CH-1211 Geneva

Overview Aims & Tasks of Department 3

Chief Executives from professional fire brigades, volunteer fire brigades, plant fire brigades, and fire brigades from neighboring countries are represented in Department 3.

Permanent members are:

  • Chairman of the AGBF-Bund (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Leiter der Berufsfeuerwehren in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland [Steering Committee of the Professional Fire Brigades in Germany])
  • Members of the Board of the AGBF
  • President DFV (Deutscher Feuerwehr Verband, [German Association of Fire Brigades])
  • Vice President DFV
  • Chairman WF-Association (Werksfeuerwehr, [German Association of Plant Fire Brigades])
  • Chief Executives international Fire Brigades Switzerland and Austria
  • Professional Fire Brigades from each of the old and new federal states

They represent the interests of the fire brigades within the GFPA.

The tasks of this department are as follows:

  • Natural member of the GFPA Presidency to represent the interests of the fire brigades
  • Consultancy of the Presidency on structural developments of the GFPA
  • Elaboration and contribution of major subjects for discussion at the expert symposia
  • Contribution and study of expert presentations
  • Organisation of the expert symposia in cooperation with the scientific technical Advisory Board
  • Analysis of remarkable operations with a proposal for further discussion in one of the GFPA departments
  • Consultancy on current organisational or technical matters of fire protection
  • Proposal of research issues to the scientific technical Advisory Board