Section 5

Section 5 (BG) - fire fighting and risk intervention

S. Wenderoth
Dipl.-Ing., Brandrat
Lottbeker Weg 167 b, 22395 Hamburg
Fon D.St.: 040/42851 4401
Fax D.St.: 040/42851-4209

Vice Chairman:
K. Wenig Dipl.-Ing.
icb - ingenieur contor brandschutz, Lübeck
Seelandstr. 14-16, 23569 Lübeck
Fon D.St.: 0451/3977597
Fax D.St.: 0451/3977598

Description of the activities of Section 5 of the vfdb

Das Section 5 of the vfdb concentrates on topics in the area of "fire fighting and risk intervention“. To work on current tasks Section 5 consists today of representatives of public fire brigades, plant fire brigades, insurances, extinguishing agents and equipment manufacturers as well as testing laboratories. The goal of this section is to canalize, skillfully approach and to discuss the consequences with the responsible contact partners and determine possible solutions of new questions from the area of fire protection and risk intervention. With respect to the guidelines and leaflets recommended proceedings and guidelines for orientation on fire fighting and risk intervention are compiled.

Stephan Wenderoth
Chairman of section 5 of the vfdb
Wendenstraße 251
20537 Hamburg