Section 9

Section 9 (WBS) - Werksicherheit und Werkbrandschutz

Head of Department:
R. Haselhorst
Dipl.-Ing., Brandassessor, Leiter der Werkfeuerwehr
BASF AG, Ludwigshafen
Portugieserweg 2, 67157 Wachenheim
Fon D.St.: 0621/60-23301
Fax: 0621/60-92664

M. Bauch
Dr., Dipl.-Chem., Brandassessor
WF InfraServ Höchst, Frankfurt/M
Erlenweg 26, 65835 Liederbach
Fon: 06196/527590, D.St.: 069/305-7286
Fax D.St.: 069/305-18107

Overview Aims & Tasks Department 9

Department 9 – Scope of Tasks Department 9 deals with topics and questions on fire protection and plant safety issues under the Scientific-Technical Advisory Council. This respectively covers issues for example of preventive performance, operations of industrial fire brigades or within the legal framework. Department 9 is provided with expertise by the insurance industry, the proof institutes and industrial fire brigades from different industrial fields.