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Grenfell-Tower: vfdb and DFV about report of Grenfell Inquiry

Münster/Berlin. The German Fire Fighters Association (DFV) and the German Fire Protection Association gfpa (vfdb) see with incomprehension the public prejudgment of the London Fire Brigade (LFB) in the aftermath of the Grenfell tower fire. In the catastrophic event two years ago 72 persons lost their lives. Many media releases spoke of „serious shortcomings“ with respect to the findings of the Phase 1 report of the Grenfell Inquiry and blamed fire fighters for losses. „In face of the drastic building defects with extreme lack of fire safety measures, I can’t understand these conclusions.”, said Vice president of vfdb Dr. Anja Hofmann-Böllinghaus.

In the cited report the contribution of the facade materials to the rapid fire spread is mentioned. Nevertheless, the fire service is criticized with „serious shortcomings in the response of the LFB“. „It is absurd to blame the fire service for an unforeseeable catastrophic event retrospectively.”, Anja Hofmann-Böllinghaus said. „Instead, questions should be raised about institutions who did know about the building defects and did nothing to fix them. In the past tens of years governmental control has been replaced by private entities. Consequently, fire service was forced to give up tasks – for these political decisions the fire service can’t be made responsible.”

DFV president Hartmut Ziebs is alienated by the media releases about the Inquirys Phase 1 report, which is publicly available only today (Wednesday). He says: „Our solidarity is with our colleagues of the London Fire Brigade. Of course, fire service operations are to be followed up to learn for future operations. Nevertheless, in this case the impression is, it is a deflection from the indeed responsible persons and real mistakes of the tragic events.“

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