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Greeting from the President

You have never heard about us – or you did not know precisely the meaning of those four letters v-f-d-b?

This brochure will help you to get to know more about the activities of our big network for protection, rescue and safety. Already when vfdb was founded more than 70 years ago, the transfer of knowledge or know-how was one of the main aims of our association. From its very beginning, visionary ideas were a feature of our work to promote the quality of protection against threats to public safety. Over the last few years digitalisation has advanced, but this is only the beginning. Last but not least major desasters in recent years have shown how much there still needs to be done. Our more than 3,000 members work ceaselessly with the aim to make our world safer. We would be happy if we could invite you to join us on our way.

With best regards,

Dirk Aschenbrenner

The President