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Structure and Members of the Presidium of the vfdb

The Presidium is an organ of the Association according to §7 of the Statutes. It consists of the persons confirmed by the
by the general meeting and the board of directors. The President is the Chairman of the Presidium. As a rule, the Presidium meets every six months.

The tasks of the Presidium primarily include advising the Executive Board and voting on all major decisions. In particular, the following activities should be mentioned here:

  • Holding of conferences and symposia and their contents,
  • publication of technical reports, guidelines, leaflets and memoranda as well as the
  • honoring members.

According to the statutes, the following shall continue to apply: The presidium shall include at least 16 voting members from the appointing association, committee or working group.
The presidium should reflect the associations, committees and working groups interested in the objectives of the statutes and the membership structure in the vfdb in a suitable manner.

The current members of the Presiding Committee are as follows (order of nomination in accordance with the Articles of Association):

Focus Tasks-
areas (SAB)

  • SAB Statistics (fire damage statistics)
  • SAB Economy (processing of economic issues of the non-profit association)
  • SAB trade fairs and public relations (social media presence, visiting trade fairs, etc.)
  • SAB Research (processing of research projects, acquisition of new projects)
  • SAB activities and structures (modernization process of the vfdb, mission statement etc.)

For professional fire departments:

Jochen Stein (AGBF Bund - Leitung)

Dr.-Ing. Georg Belge (AGBF Bund)

Dr. Christian Schwarz (AGBF Bund)

For the Plant Firefighters Association:

Stephan Hummel (WFeuV)

Martin Wilske (WFeuV)

For the research institutes:

Dr. Andrea Klippel (Otto-von-Guericke Universität)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uli Barth (Bergische Universität Wuppertal)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Zehfuß (TU Braunschweig)

For state agencies/ministries:

Matthias Ott

For the chimney sweeping trade:

Marcus Schleef (ZIV)

Für die Versicherungswirtschaft:

Frank Bieber (VdS)

Marco van Lier (GDV)

For the Federation of German Industries:

Otto Agsten

For the training institutions:

Berthold Penkert (IdF)

For the rescue system: Uwe Lühmann

For the German Firefighters Association (DFV):

Dr. Christoph Weltecke

Hermann Schreck

Lars Oschmann

For the fire equipment and vehicle industry, technical fire protection:

Dr. Sebastian Festag (ZVEI)

R. Reimers (Minimax)

Klaus Kutzner

For federal agencies / ministries:

Giulio Gulotta (BBK)

For other European countries:

Sebastian Vries (FEU)

For the unions:

Dr. Andreas Bräutigam (KOMBA)

Arno Dick (ver.di)

For the Fire Services Standards Committee:

Karsten Göwecke

For fire protection engineers:

Marco Schmöller

For the members (one seat per 1000 members):

Dr. Sarah-K. Hahn

Marcus Bätge

Claus Lange

In addition to the elected members of the Presidium, there are two fixed positions. These are the head of the TWB and the head of the Fire Services Unit (Unit 3).

Currently these are:

Für den Technisch-Wissenschaftlichen Beriat (TWB):

Dr.-Ing. Anja Hofmann-Böllinghaus

For the unit 3:

Dr. Christian Miller