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Unit 4

Engineering methods of fire protection

Tasks of the unit

The vfdb department 4 "Engineering methods of fire protection" has set itself the goal of preparing the modern engineering methods of fire protection developed in the last 10 to 15 years and making them available in this guide. It contains a summary of the engineering methods of fire protection that are important for the practice of preventive fire protection in Germany and explains their proper application by means of typical examples. The guide is intended to help harmonize the still very inconsistent procedures and assumptions in the application of engineering verifications in the context of fire protection concepts and to avoid misapplications, e.g. by leaving the protected area of application or using incorrect input data.


Technical report 

Guideline Fire Protection Engineering

The vfdb Unit 4 "Engineering Methods of Fire Protection" has set itself the goal to accompany the development of engineering methods of fire protection, to prepare them accordingly and to make them available to practice in the form of a guide, which is now available in its 4th edition.

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