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Klönschnack@vfdb – now also digital

Do you want to exchange ideas on specialist topics, meet friends or simply get together again and live the Schutz-Rettung-Sicherheit network? Good news - for this there is the digital Klönschnack@vfdb!

In regular intervals we open our room for networking. The digital Klönschnack@vfdb is based on our popular networking evening format at the vfdb annual conference. Participation is free and open to all interested parties. Stop by, meet new and old acquaintances, or arrange to meet friends in advance.

Just like in a real hall, the doors will open punctually and you can enter the room - even spontaneously. To do so, simply go to our room on the respective date at and follow the instructions there.

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet and get in touch with vfdb stakeholders outside of the annual conference. Come by to (experience) the diversity and opportunities in the network of protection, rescue and safety!

Brief instructions for participation in the 


  1. On the date above, open the link (, preferably in the latest version of Chrome.
  2. A new conference software will open, where you have to register for the first time. 
  3. You will be redirected to enter a verification code after submitting your mail address (username) and password.
  4. You should have received this code by mail after your registration. Please also check your spam folder.After entering the verification code, you will automatically enter the vfdb room.
  5. Meet us - just "walk there" and stand in addition.