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Technical and Scientific Advisory Board (TWB)

The vfdb's specialist departments are represented on the Technical and Scientific Advisory Board (TWB). In the 14 technical divisions of the vfdb and the ad-hoc groups, a significant amount of detailed technical work is done for protection, rescue and safety. More than 250 experts from various fields, research institutes and universities, fire departments and aid organizations, authorities, insurance companies and engineering offices are involved here on a voluntary basis. In the units, the documents of the vfdb (guidelines, leaflets, technical reports, memoranda) are prepared on specialist topics jointly identified in the TWB.

The TWB advises the presidium of the vfdb on technical-scientific issues, coordinates the work of the units of the vfdb and is the contact for the basic orientation of the vfdb on all technical-scientific topics of protection, rescue and safety. The TWB submits proposals to the Presidium for the design of topics for scientific symposia, in particular for the design of the technical program of the annual symposium, international symposia and other technical events.